The long, dark nights are bedding in so we’re bedding down to cosy nights in! The Danish concept of Hygge is where we’re at right now.  Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish word that basically translates as ‘cosiness’.  Think throws, candles, cushions, lanterns and you’ve got the general feel.

At Maison Rustic we have a range of Hygge pieces that will get you cosy on those long winter nights.  So grab a cup of cocoa, pop on your comfies and check out our top tips for Hygge happiness this Winter.

How to Hygge Your Home Top Tips

1. Hygge style for your bedroom

When it comes to Hygge, why not start in your bedroom?  Make your private space of haven of Hygge with cushions and throws.  Turn off your laptops, TVs and phones and instead lie down with a good book and listen to your favourite music.  To keep things comfy, introduce new textures to your bedroom.  Think oversized cushions and textured throws.

Top tip:  Keep the colour palette neutral to keep the look calm.

2. Get Fired Up with Lanterns

The Danes love to put their feet up in front of a real fire, the flickering flames will calm and soothe at the end of a long day.

But if you don’t have a real fire we suggest arranging a few lanterns together in a cluster to create that warm, comforting atmosphere.  Why not group a cluster of lanterns together to create a warm, focal point?

Our full range of lanterns includes geometric glass lanterns through to rustic woods including bamboos.

Top tip.  Arrange your lanterns in odd numbers.  Apparently grouping pieces, such as lanterns, in odd numbers make them more appealing and effective.  Three seems to be the magic number!


3. Bring the outside in

Hygge your home with houseplants.  Nothing says Scandi-style more than a few succulents.    If like us, you’re not that great with real plants, check out our range of faux plants.  We love the hanging rope plants from Gisela Graham.  The natural material of the rope and stones will boost your mood and create a more mindful vibe to your home.


4. Scent your space with candles

Candles are at the very heart of the Danish art of being cosy.  Turn off your lights and tune out with candlelight.    Why not add a few wintery scents to your candles.  Nothing says Nordic more than this Juniper, Berry and Cedar candle from Stoneglow Candles.  Beautiful for your own home or the perfect gift for a friend this season.

Scatter candles throughout your home, from the side of your bathtub to the breakfast bar.

Top tip:  Play with different heights and shapes but keep the fragrance the same.  And it goes without saying that you need to be careful where you position them and remember to blow them out before bedtime.


Check out the Masion Rustic collection of scented candles, we really do have something to suit every mood and every moment.  Our range is available online but if you’re in Wokingham, please pop in to see our candle range.

5. Create a cosy corner

Simply create a cosy space for you to sit and relax.  A comfortable chair with your favourite cushion and throw with a scented candle nearby.  Or a cosy nook on a bench in the kitchen could work, with a few textured pieces scattered to create the Hygge vibe.

Wherever you choose to find Hygge happiness, from your bedroom to your living space, or a window seat on the stairs, choose your space, add some fluffy cushions and a throw, light a candle and finish with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa.  Hygge heaven!

Apparently the Danes are the second happiest people in the world.  At Maison Rustic we want to help you embrace Hygge to create a happy home.  And hopefully in the process, you can be as happy as they are!



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