Looking for Christmas table decoration ideas? When it comes to creating the perfect Christmas table this Christmas, our founder Georgina shares five easy ways to style it out for 2019.

For me, Christmas is all about friends, family, food and having fun.  There is enough stress in the run-up to Christmas so I don’t want the added worry of trying to create the perfect Christmas table!   But I do like to create something a little special to impress guests as they sit down to the main course.  So what’s the best way to style your Christmas table?  Over the years I’ve found a few simple tips and tricks are all that you need to create some festive wow factor.

The Best Way To Style Your Christmas Table

The starting point for any Christmas table is to decide on the colour scheme.  For me, this is a foundation to build on.  Stick to a maximum of three colours.  So for traditionalists, red, green and gold works a treat.  For a more modern look opt for blues, silvers and coppers.  And if Scandi-style is your bag, white, grey and silver are stunning.   The colour is entirely up to you and I would suggest working with what you have already to keep costs down.

Once you’ve got the foundations right, it’s time to have some fun.  Simply add the following items in your chosen colour scheme to create your perfect Christmas table.

1. Candles and Candle Holders

If you’re opting for an early evening dinner on Christmas Day, a table adorned with candles will look warm and magical.  Create a festive centre-piece by grouping festive candles and tealights together.  Work with odd numbers so group in threes, fives or sevens.  Or line up pillar candles of differing heights along the table.  The warm, wintery glow will set the perfect tone for a cosy Christmas meal.

2. Garlands & Fairy Lights

For any Christmas table garlands will give your table a rich rustic look that is warm and inviting.  Faux options are really stunning and also mean that you can enjoy the decorations throughout the Christmas season, year after year.

Trail your garland in between your chosen centrepiece – a pillar candle or several candles work brilliantly and then weave in some subtle twinkly fairy lights to add some festive cheer.

3. Festive napkins, table mats and coasters

Add a bit of sparkle to everyday items with festive napkins, coasters and table mats.  We love the simplicity of these gold stag napkins.  And the Christmas pudding shaped napkins are stylishly cute!  If you’re looking to add some silver sparkle to your ‘tablescaping’, our glittery glass silver coasters and mats are not only perfect for a festive feast but great for any time of year.  

4. Name Cards and Table Scatters

You can add a little more glamour to your table by scattering some Christmas baubles on the table in a similar colour to your napkins and mats.  Or dress your table with these chic gold bauble place card holders.  A great way to ensure your guests are seated in the correct place around the Christmas table.  And they make a lovely little gift for guests too!

5. Table presents

As an alternative to Christmas crackers, why not wrap up individual gifts for each of your guests?   Wrap them in paper to work with your chosen colour scheme for added impact.  Brown paper can look stunning on a rustic table but be frivolous with the ribbons and bows.  If you’ve got a group of people together, why not choose a novelty gift or game.  But be sure to wrap them up so that they look pretty on the festive table!

Our top pick for a stylish table gift for guests has got to be this Katie Loxton scented votive.  The name says it all –  ‘Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’ – and it smells amazing.  Sweet Vanilla and Salted Caramel create a smooth rich fragrance and it’s a lovely treat for guests to take home with them.  The navy and gold of the gift box is also stunning and would beautiful on a modern-look table.

So there you have it.  Five simple ways to style your table for Christmas without blowing the budget!  By using what you already have and then adding a few simple pieces, it’s really easy to make an impact on your table setting.    What Christmas table decoration ideas will you be using this festive season?


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